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The smartWLI-prime double Z-axis system

As of November 2015, WinWinTec will distribute an optical 3D profiling instrument branded "smartWLI" with two integrated Z-drives.


3D white-light interferometry

White-light interferometry is among the proven optical measurement techniques for recording 3D topographies with depth resolution in the lower nanometre range. Because the measurement points are acquired and processed in parallel, the height information can be gathered over a large area in a very short time.

Typical applications in research and in quality management are the characterization of surfaces with different roughness values (wafer structures, mirrors, glass, metals), the determination of step heights and the precise measurement of curved surfaces, such as micro-lenses.

The product family smartWLI from GBS offers innovative solutions utilizing this measurement principle. The control and analysis of the entire measurement process is done using the proven smartWLI software.




Measuring platforms with adaptable 2D force sensors are available for examinations of mechanical properties of surfaces and materials being in relative movement to each other.

By combining exchangeable modules (movement patterns, force ranges, control of environmental conditions) we are able to run various experiments, manually or automatically, on one platform.

An easy-to-handle experimental sequencer enables whole measurement series to be automatically realized.



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